As I review my to-do list, there it is: “Read SICP and do its exercises”. That note has been there for six years, moving from productivity tool to productivity tool, never getting done. It’s been a Project, a Someday, in Inbox and even in Trash, in fits of rage. Sometimes I think I change my to-do software just to find one that magically will make it actionable.

The truth is the book scares me. Reading it puts me face-to-face with my incipient Math skills, and the thought of overcoming them brings about the fear of not going through any transformations, to still be beneath the nice and impressive people I follow on Twitter and star on GitHub. Looming doom is baked into my personality, and maturity hasn’t made me get Goals or appreciate what I’ve accomplished.

I’m turning 30 in less than two months, and the failure is following me into a new decade. As weak as symbolic dates and its resolutions are as motivators, I really want to tick that box in the not-so-distant future. This blog will be a tale of a confused man walking through the land of Scheme, occasionally going off-topic, but always using the book as its main thread. I hope it’s not too boring.